Productionfnished 31.12.2006
ProducerMikrovlny s.r.o.

IP WATCHDOG (restarter/reseter) with 2xRJ45 interface, telnet, http and SNMP protocols.

Features of our IP WATCHDOG

•    manual switch on/off of connected appliance to 230V, 10A socket
•    Automatic watching IP devices depend on user defined rules
•    Servers reset

•    Settings by SNMP, TELNET and HTTP, 2 RJ45 interfaces


User manual is here.

  Software  IP WATCHDOG 2xRJ45
rozmervykres.gif Dimensions drawing
IPWATCHDOG.pdf User's Guide for IP WATCHDOG 2xRJ45
IPWATCHDOG1_0_4.bin Actual firmware (size 38kbytes)
IPWATCHDOG1_0_3.bin Actual firmware (size 38kbytes)
IPWATCHDOG1_0_2.bin Firmware 1.0.2 (size 38kbytes)
MIB_BROWSER IReasoning MIB SNMP for Windows


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