Instruments in our Microwave Lab

Product design can't be done without many Instruments. Microvlny s.r.o. own measuring and monitoring devices for microwave measuring from 10MHz  up to 21GHz. We also have Hot Air soldering station and parts base.



OUR measuring equipment

typ popis
HP1630D logic analyzer 32-bit, 100MHz
Tektronix 2213 Dual channel oscilloscope 2x60Mhz
Wavetek 23 Generator (synt.) 50mHz to 12MHz
HAMEG 8030-5 Generator (synt) up to 5Mhz
HP11720A Pulse modulator 2 to 18Ghz
TEKTRONIX 492 S. analyzer 10Mhz to 21GHz
Wiltron560A Scalar network analyzer 10Mhz to 18GHz
Wiltron 560- 7A50 3x Probe 10mhz to 18Ghz
HP423A 2x Crystal detector max 18Ghz
HP420A 2x Crystal detector max 18Ghz
HP8484A PM senzor 0.3nW - 10uW, bandwidth 0.1 to 18 GHz
BOONTON4420 Power meter uo to 300mW , bandwidth 0.1 to GHz
HP83540 sweeped generator , MAIN FRAME
HP83540 Plugin 2 to 18GHz
HP83540 Plugin 8 to 12GHz
HP83540 Plugin 2 to 8GHz
HP11692B Dual hub 2 - 18Hz
GT21TS Hot Air soldering station
NARDA TERM Set of  terminators 18Ghz, SWR 1:3
NARDA ATT Set of attenuators 3 to 60dB , 18GHz
BAYTRONIX Magnifier 80x
+ many kind of accessories


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